1. Hi,

    I went through "Road to reading data from excel file in SoapUI using groovy script"
    it is working for me. Now i want to write result to same excel sheet in different column after execution of soap request for each iteration..

    Could u please send me the code snippet ??

    1. hello brother, have you figure out how to read and write from excel sheet using groovy on SoapUI open source

  2. I have a Web service at a http URL.I want to send a request to this webservice (in XML) and get response using test runner

    I did a launch testrunner from SOAPUI.. "C:\Users\ravinder.yadav\Documents\WSDL-soapui-project.xml". got generated

    testrunner.bat -r -fC:\sopaLog C:\Users\ravinder.yadav\Documents\WSDL-soapui-project.xml.

    I had some sample request with data for which i want to generate a response..

  3. Hi,

    Do you have any code sample where you can read CDATA XML response in soap ui and assertion examples on how to verify certain fields?

  4. Hi,

    Do you have any groovy code examples as how to parse and read CDATA in XML response and assert on specific tags to verify correct expected value is appearing?


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