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Road to create executable jar using ant build tool

In this post I explained the procedure to create executable jar file using ant.

You need to create java project using eclipse , create a lib folder in your eclipse project.

Here is example of a java class having main method.

Procedure to run AutoIt script using ant (build.xml) tool.

In this post I will cover the procedure of AutoIT script execution with the help of ant build tool. As we know ant has java based library. But here I have set AutoIT compiler with Ant's build.xml file and can execute AutoIT scripts
  1. Ant path must be set in to system environment variable.
  2. AutoIT installation directory path must be set in to system environment variable.
    Below is a sample build.xml file for AutoIT script execution.

Ant build tool

Apache Ant is java based library and command line tool. Ant drive application using build xml file, control behavior of build, compile and run targets define in build xml file.

Basically ant build is a java based application. It can be Also  build non java applications such as C, C++, PHP, Python etc by passing their compile/interpreter. Ant is written in java so ant user can be develop their own library. Ant is easy to use it does not impose coding convention or directory layouts to the java projects.

Ant use a configuration xml file, default name of file is build.xml. ant directly call target define in build file. Targets can be define their dependencies, ant will automatically execute dependent target.

Here is a sample of ant buid.xml file.