Script assertion in Soap UI for WSDL API methods

In this post I will show you how to add script assertion in SoapUI response of wsdl api test methods.
Here I have an example of CurrencyConvertor, I created a SoapUI project and added test case for this method as you can see in below window.

Now here in response body I will add assertion that verify the “ConversionRateResult” value is always 104 for given input value.

BDD framework in Webdriver using C#

In my previous post, I have posted BDD framework in Webdriver using Java. In this post I will show you how to create BDD framework using C#. To achieve this I will use SpecFlow. This is same as Cucumber and you can write specs (features) file by using the same Gherkin language.
1. Install Visual studio.
2. Download and install SpecFlow from link :”click” For more detail about SpecFlow go to link ”click
3. Download NUnit Test Adapter from link:”click”.
Steps to create project: 
1. Go to File >>New >>Project and click.
2. Select Visual C# >> Class Library.
3. Enter project name into name filed and click on "OK" button, as below screen.

Java WebDriver BDD framework using Cucumber-JVM

In this post I will show you how to create BDD framework in webdriver selenium using cucumber-jvm. Cucumber –JVM is based on cucumber framework which allows to writes feature file in plain text using Gherkin language, This feature is supported by step definitions file which has implemented automation code of Webdriver.
This post cover maven based java webdriver BDD framework using cucumber for Google advance search scenario, Following are the steps to write scenario for BDD framework:
1.  First create a maven eclipse project.
                    ******** com/maven/test
                    ******** com/maven/test

Java junit client of WSDL webservices

In this post, I will show you how to create java client for WSDL web services.
I will Create a example of currency converter,  This is wsdl URL  for same. “currency converter

Request of “ConversionRate” method: