1. Start with Ruby WebDriver - Procedure to create first test script for the beginners.
  2. Start with Java Webdriver - Procedure to create first test script for the beginners.
  3. Start with Python WebDriver - Procedure to create first test script for the beginners
  4. Start with PHP WebDriver - Procedure to create first test script for the beginners
  5. Start with C# WebDriver - Procedure to create first test script for the beginners.
  6. Ruby WebDriver – procedure to create test scripts in RSpec
  7. Some Webdriver API functions in java and its implementation  
  8. Difference between Selenium RC and Webdriver
  9. C# WebDriver with MbUnit Framework
  10. Screen Recording (Video) of Java Webdiver script.
  11. Road to verify PDF file text using java webdriver.
  12. Road to accept certificates in internet explorer using webdriver.
  13. Road to verify 200 response code of web application in java Webdriver.
  14. Road to verify images using java webdriver.
  15. Road to execute java webdriver test scripts using maven build tool.
  16. Road to handle http authentication in webdriver.
  17. Road to execute java webdriver testNg automation suite using ant build.
  18. Data driven testing using java webdriver TestNg framework.
  19. Road to data driven testing in webdriver java TestNg Part 1
  20. Road to data driven testing in webdriver java TestNg Part 2
  21. Road to switch window in webdriver.
  22. Road to execute JavaScript in Webdriver.
  23. Road to capture clip of element locator in webdriver java
  24. Road to handle popup window using text in Webdriver
  25. Road to handle file download pop in webdriver using Sikuli
  26. Road to integration of WebDriver test script with TestLink 
  27. Road to verify css properties value using Webdriver
  28. Webdriver implicit and explicit wait for element locator.
  29. Java WebDriver BDD framework using Cucumber-JVM.
  30. Road to reading SVG graph values in Webdriver
  31. Configuration of mobile user agent with webdriver
  32. Road to automate Html5 video with Webdriver (Selenium)
  33. Road to setup and execute webdriver test scripts on android emulator
  34. Road to capture screen shot of failed Webdriver script1
  35. http://roadtoautomation.blogspot.in/2014/06/road-to-capture-screen-shot-of-failed.html
  36. Webdriver (Selenium ) Interview Questions and answers
  37. Difference between findElement and findElements of Webdriver
  38. Road To Keyword Driven Framework in Webdriver
  39. Road to automate Html5 video with Webdriver (Selenium)
  40. Configuration of mobile user agent with webdriver
  41. Road to publish Webdriver TestNg report in Jenkins
Selenium Grid 2:
  1. How to Set up and launching Selenium Grid?
  2. How to run python webdriver test scripts using Grid2?
  3. How to run java test scripts using Grid2?
  4. Webdriver C# test scripts execution using Grid2.


  1. Hi,

    I have created my project in java using testng framework. Now i need to generate report for my script's pass/fail result and the problem is that my clients are non-technical. They are not able to understand testng's default report. So could you please help me to create a customize report so that my client will be able to understand report.

    1. Use ReportNG which is an add-on. I add comments to the logs for everything that is happening as well which gets reported to another tab. I also have a listener running that says what and when a test starts, completes and fails.

  2. Hi Neelam use Log4j to generate a customize test report.....Hi neelam i need a small help from u .i need some of your automation scenario to automate.if possible please help me with that. @ john.imp12@gmail.com

    1. Hi sorry for late reply. which type of scenario do want? i didn't get you. Please elaborate.

  3. Hi Admin,

    How can I execute my already testng's build classes through cmd? For Example: If i don't have eclips on a system and i have copied build classes from another system which has eclips.
    I have tried this but i am getting an error saying "Cannot instantiate class com.admin.tests.TestLoginPage". Please suggest me.

    1. Integrate your testng scripts with ant build tool. In this way you can run using cmd

  4. How to pick different values from excel when you run selenium webriver script from Jmeter.

    I am trying to run selenium firefox driver from jmeter with multiple threads of 10.I want to pick different Login id value from excel for each Thread.How can i do it?

  5. hi i need some help. can you send me some scripts for retrieving the data from excel sheet for check box and radio button

    plz mail me to boopathi5886@gmail.com

  6. Hi All,

    I have exp of 5 years with manual testing and want to learn selenium.i have a basic touch with Java.plz help me from where i need to start with.

    Veera Vijay

  7. Hi!

    I am using the Selenium Fire Fox WebDriver integrated in SoapUI and would like to know how to automate capturing the JSESSIONID cookie in a SoapUI mock service? The environment includes the following components:

    - Selenium WebDriver
    - stunnel proxy server
    - SoapUI test tool

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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