Start with PHP WebDriver - Procedure to create first test script for the beginners

  1. PHP should be installed and set up path in your machine. 
  2. PHPUnit Should be installed in machine.
  3. Java should be install and setup path in machine.
  4. Selenium2 jar(selenium-server-standalone-2.**.0.jar) file should in your machine.
Procedure & Setup of PHP and PHPUnit

If PHP and PHPunit are not installed in machine. We need to follow to installed them using below steps:
  1. Download PHP exe file from download and install in machine.
  2. Setup PHP path in environment variable if by default not path set. As if I installed in C:\\PHP drive the we need to setup path  “C:\\PHP”
  3. Now we need to install PEAR for this we open command prompt and go to PHP installation directory and run command
php.exe PEAR/go-pear.phar
     4.  After pear installed check version using command “pear  –V” . run below command to update pear.
  pear upgrade pear

     5. Before PHPUnit installation we need to install below pear channels
a) pear channel-update
b) pear channel-discover
c) pear channel-discover
d) pear channel-discover
e) pear config-set auto_discover 1
     6.  For PHPUnit installation run command.
pear install

     7. After successfully installation check PHPUnit version using command .
Phpunit -version
Screen should be look like below

Create First Test Scripts:

As selenium does not provide  direct any library for PHP Webdriver. For this we need to bind some third party library with our framework.
Download latest third party library from link “download
Extract and put this library in automation project  directory.

Create a “Google.php” file, copy and past below code and  put it in automation project directory parallel to “phpwebdriver” library.

require_once 'phpwebdriver/WebDriver.php';
 * @property WebDriver $webdriver
class Google extends  PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase 
        //function set up
         public function setUp() {
               $this->webdriver = new WebDriver("localhost", "4444");

        //function close browser
    public function tearDown()
        public function testGoogle()
               // input search field
               $el = $this->webdriver->findElementBy(LocatorStrategy::id, "gbqfq");
               //click on search button
               $el = $this->webdriver->findElementBy(LocatorStrategy::id, "gbqfsa");

Run selenium Server: Open command prompt goto “selenium-server-standalone-2.**.0.jar” and run below command 
        Java –jar selenium-server-standalone-2.**.0.jar     
Below screen should be appear.
 Run Test scripts:
Open command go to go to automation framework directory and run below command. 
        Phpunit Google.php    
After successfully execution screen should be look like as below.

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