TestNG & Junit


  1. Am using selenium webdriver (ANT+TestNG+Java).How do I save results of TestNG with time-stamp and build no.(testng-results-Build no:DD-MM-YYYY_HH-MM-SS.xml),without overwriting previous results. Could anyone share the build.xml code?

    1. create a dynamic folder ( "testng-results-Build no:DD-MM-YYYY_HH-MM-SS' )using ant

      Just pass created folder name with outputdir attribute of testng target

  2. How to pick different values from excel when you run selenium webriver script from Jmeter.

    I am trying to run selenium firefox driver from jmeter with multiple threads of 10.I want to pick different Login id value from excel for each Thread.How can i do it?

  3. Is there any ready automation framework available which built on Selenium, so that we can start building our test scripts?? Which includes reports generation, Version control and with the Continuous integration support??


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