Road to setup git repository with Jenkins

To set up Jenkins with git repository follows below steps:
1. Launch your Jenkins server.
2. Open Jenkins url.
3. Install “GitHub Plugin” into Jenkins.
4. Install Git in your machine.

Road to setup and create first Appium Webdriver android script in Java

About Appium:
Appium is open source automation tool for iOS and android application supported by Sauce Lab. It is cross platform, supported Native, Hybrid iOS and android application. At backend it uses webdriver JSON wire protocol to communicate with iOS and android applications.
Appium supported many languages like Webdriver. You can write your test scripts any language that has selenium client library.
Appium support UIAutomator framework for ios and android library (For newer Api) and use selendroid for older android platform.

Road to find android application element details using UI Automator Viewer

In this post I will show you how to find element details of android application using Android “UI Automator Viewer”. Following are the steps:
1. Open android application on emulator or real device. Like I have opened below app on emulator.