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Road to use variable from bootstrap file in Codeception test

In this post I will show you how to create global variable which can be use in any codeception test scripts file. Suppose that we have user name and password which need to be use in all test scripts for login to application.  This is good practices to put these values in one place instead of passing in multiple test case.
You should see that “_bootstrap.php” files are generated in folder “acceptance”,  “functional” , “unit” and at root of test folder.
You can create a variable in this files with any desire values and can be use in corresponding folders scripts.

Codeception webdriver integration

In my previous post of codeception, I posted that how to setup and create codeception acceptance test using phpbrowser. As phpbrowser has following limitation:

  • Can click only on links with valid urls or form submit buttons
  • Not support input fields that are not inside a form
  • Not support JavaScript interactions, like modal windows, datepickers, etc.

So we can integrate codeception with selenium webdriver and can easily handle phpbrowser drawbacks

Road to Codeception setup and first test script for beginner

Codeception:  Codeception is PHP testing framework in BDD stype,It is easy to setup and use, not required any dependency except php. It has three sections for testing
  1. Acceptance Testing
  2. Functional Testing
  3. API testing 
  1. Can be integrated with selenium Webdriver
  2. Supported Symphony2, Laravel4, YII, Phalcon, Zend framework integration.
  3. BDD style data set.
  4. API testing Rest, Soap, XML-RPC
  5. Report in HTML, XML, JSON.
  6. Parallel execution