Integration of Webdriver ruby RSpec test suite with CircleCi

CircleCI has a continuous integration tool which builds and run your application in cloud environment. You can integrate and build your automation test scripts. CircleCI support following language:
1. Ruby.
2. PHP.
3. Java.
4. Python

Mobile Platform:
1. Android
2. iOS

How to setup:
1. You must have a git account.
2. Click on login circleci it will redirect git account login page.
3. Login in to git with your credential.
4. Click on Add Projects menu.
5. Choose a repository, of GitHub such as pushes and pull requests. It will kick off the first build immediately, and a new build will be initiated each time someone pushes commits.

Working in Git branches

In this post you will learn how to work in Git branches like: create, delete, merge branch data.
1. List all branches of your repository.
$ git branch

2. Create new branch.
$ git branch {branchName}

$git branch qa

3. Delete the specified branch. This is a “safe” operation in that Git prevents you from deleting the branch if it has unmerged changes.
$ git branch -d {branchName}

$git branch -d qa