Road to Setup Protractor and Selenium Webdriver

Protractor is web based end to end automation testing framework for Angular based application. It is most popular open source testing framework for Angular based application.
Protractor framework is node.js based program and written in java scripts. Protractor uses Webdriver to simulate and control web application.

Setup Protractor: Below installation is for windows machine.
1.    Download node js form link : Nodejs after downloading install exe in your machine.
2.    After clicking on ex you should get below screen:

 3.    Click on next button and accept term and condition.

4.    You should see below screen:
 5.    Setup installation directory and click on next button. You should see below screen.
6.    Click on next button and then click on install button in next screen.
7.    After installation successfully by default nodejs path setup in your System environment variable. If that is not setup manually.

8.    Run below command to check node version. Node install successfully you will get Node version.

Installation of Protractor:
1.    To install globally run below command, globally means it install under node installation folder and can be access from anywhere.

npm install –g protractor

 2.    To install locally run below command. Locally means it install package in same current folder and can be access from that folder.

npm install protractor

3.    This will install two command line tools, protractor and webdriver-manager. Run below command to check version.
 Update Webdriver Manager:

webdriver-manager update

Now setup has done and your environment is ready to start writing test scripts.
In next post I would show you how to write test cases and execute.

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