Road to installation of SoapUI plugin into Eclipse.

Following are the steps to install soapui plug-in into eclipse.
1. Open Eclipse IDE and goto “Help” menu and click on “Install New Software”
2. Click on add button you should see like below window.

3. Enter some text into “name” field as “SoapUI“ and enter url into “Location” field.
4. Click on “OK” button, you should see below screen and soapUI will display.

5. Click on soapui check box and click next button.
6. Click on Next button again you should see license agreement window.

7. Accept term and license agreement and click on next button. you should see installation start.
8. Accept term and license agreement and click on next button.
9. During installation security warning popup window displayed, click on “OK” button of security warning.
10. Restart Eclipse to take effect on the new plugin installation
11. In eclipse goto “window>>Open Perspective>>Other” on top menu bar and select soapUI. You should see a familiar soapUI project explorer


  1. The above link does not work to install SOAP ui plug in for Eclipse.

  2. nothing populates to select while using this link.

  3. As SOAPUI link to install the SOAPUI plugin to Eclipse is not working, Is there any alternative?

  4. Now the above link is not working to Install SOAPUI plugin to Eclipse. Is there any other alternative?


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