Road to reading data from text file in SoapUI using groovy script

In this post, I am going to show you how to read data from text file in SoapUI. SoapUI Pro has some advance feature which is not in SaopUI as data fetching from external sources so in SoapUI we use Groovy script for that. Following are the peace of groovy script code for reading data from text file.

1. Reading all data from text file.
//reading all txt file at once

File file = new File("D://user.txt")
fileContent = file.getText()         fileContent

2. Reading data line by line from text file.
//reading text line by line

File file1 = new File("D://user.txt")
List textLine = file1.readLines() textLine

3. Reading data randomly of any line from text file.
//reading text randon line number

File file2 = new File("D://user.txt")
List textLine2 = file2.readLines()
rowIndex  =  Math.abs(new Random().nextInt() % 4 + 1) textLine2[rowIndex]


  1. can you elaborate the meaning of each and every keyword in the above code? Actually I want to understand the above code


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