Road to publish Webdriver TestNg report in Jenkins

In this post I will show you how to publish TestNg report on Jenkins server.

Installation TestNG plug-in.
1. After launching Jenkins server go to "Manage Jenkins>>Manage Plugins"
2. Enter TestNg in filter field, you will see “TestNg Results Plugin” like below screen.

3. Click on check box and then click on installation button.

Setup Job:
Create new job in Jenkins by following below steps. In this I am  integrating Webdriver TestNg suite with Ant build tool.
1. Go to Jenkins home page and click on “New Item”
2. Enter item name, select check box as per your requirement and click on OK button.
3. Enter required field, As I am using ant tool so I click on “Add Build steps” and select “Invoke Ant”

4. Enter target name.
5. Click on “Add post Build Action” and select “Publish TestNG Results” option.

6. Change TestNg report file name if you have not default.

7. Click “Apply“ and “Save” button.
8. Go to your created Job you should see “TestNg Result” link.

9. Put your entire code base into created Job's workspace.

Execution and Report:
1. Build your job.
2. Click on “TestNg Result” link you will show report like below:

3.Click on build link for testng report, like above “Build #3” you should see published report.

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