Road to automate webview using Calabash

Calabash only supports web view which is in build in mobile application and not supported web application opened on mobile browser. I have searched such type application and finally got from MonketTalk sample application. In this I have created step definition and automated below form:
Mobile view:

Html code view:

I have created a following steps definition function for above:

//function to click on web menu
When /^click on web menu$/ do
         wait_for(:timeout => 20){ element_exists("* id:'tab_txt' text:'web'")}
         touch(query("* id:'tab_txt' text:'web'"))  
         sleep 5

//function to enter value in text field
When /^enter into input field$/ do
         performAction('set_text','css' ,'#userInput', "Test");                

//function to enter value in text area field
 When /^enter into text area$/ do
         performAction('set_text','css' ,'#txtarea',"This is testing");    

//function to click radio button
 When /^click on Radio button B$/ do
         touch("webView css:'#b'")      

//function to click radio check box
 When /^click on check boxes$/ do
         touch("webView css:'#d'")
         touch("webView css:'#e'")
         touch("webView css:'#f'")                           

//function to click on go button
 When /^click on go button$/ do
         touch(query("webView css:'input[name=\"btn\"]'"))  


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for ur tutorial. I have followed these steps. everything is working fine except set_text in textarea.
    I am also using monkey talk app for testing.

  2. Hi

    Can you please help me , in which location i have to update the HTML file


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