Open source automation tools for mobile automation.

Following are the some open source automation tools for the mobile application
  1. WebDriver(Selenium 2): Webdriver is most popular automation tool for  web application as well as mobile web app for android aand iOS application. Using Grid we can execute test scripts in multiple environments. For more details click here
  2. MonkeyTalk:  monkey talk automation tool support native, mobile, and hybrid iOS and Android apps - everything from simple "smoke tests" to sophisticated data-driven test suites.  It support record and playback, simulate real devices. For more details click here
  3. Frank:  Frank automation tool used for only iOS based application. It allows to write structured text test/acceptance tests/requirements (using Cucumber) and have them execute against your iOS application. Frank also includes a powerful “app inspector” (called Symbiote) that you can use to get detailed information on your running app. For more details click here
  4. Robotium: Robotium is an automation framework for android application. It is fully supported of Android native and hybrid applications. For more details click here
  5. Calabash: Calabash automation tool support for both iOS and Android based application. Like Frank automation tool it support s for BDD framework using cucumber.
  6. NativeDriver: NativeDriver is implemented by using webdriver API it supports ui of native application not web application for Android and iOS. For more details click here
  7. Zucchini: zucchini is automation framework for iOS based application. For more details click here
  8. KIF: KIF is automation testing framework for iOs based application. for more details click here
  9. Automating UI Using Xcode Instruments:  Today this most powerful to automat iOS based application.  It supports only for iOS based application, record and playback are support and java script language support for scripting. For more details click here
  10. VerifayaStudio: Verifaya studio is support Android based application and need to real device for automation. For more details click here
  11. Appium: Appium is open source mobile automation tool for android and ios application. For more details click here

I will keep posing more details on above automation tool. Please leave your comments if any open source automation tool you know for mobile application.


  1. add one more open source automation tool Appium for mobile application

  2. I have tried Appium and Robotium...I think Calabash is the most promising.

  3. nothing for windows phone 8 and blackberry?

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  5. Don't forget Google's Espresso.
    I find Robotium and Espresso are very effective when combined in the same test case as they both complement each other and compensate where the other falls short. They both use and extend from the ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 class. I have never seen anyone do this before, but I have had great success with it.

    Also, checkout this open source Android automation framework, which is soon to be released.

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