Road to correlation in Jmeter test script

Today, I continue posting regarding jmeter, in my previous two post I explained how to create jmeter test script and how parameterize test scripts from external file? In this post I am going to explain about correlation in jmeter

What is Correlation: correlation play most important role in jmeter scripting. It is a procedure by which fetching dynamic data from a request’s response and passing it into next request.

Why need Correlation: 
Suppose we have a login scenario in which.
     1. User enter credential and click on submit button.
     2. At dashboard click any tab.
Now, if I recoded above scenario and replay back using jmeter then test will fail. The reason behind it that authentication mechanisms use here. As when I recorded test script server automatically generated a dynamic session id which passed in next request of test for validating authentication of user. So when I executed test scripts every time a new session Id generated dynamically as user login request sent, we need to pass same session Id in next request. So these types of scenarios we need to handle using correlation of jmeter


  1. What & Why of Correlation is detailed above. Can you also please explain how to achieve correlation.

  2. Sure, I will post how to achieve correlation with example soon. Keep following my blog.

  3. As usual, can you explain this correlation with an example? Eagerly awaiting.


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